Open education, open research, and co-authoring our knowledge base: Here comes everybody

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"I should just come out and say it from the beginning. A paper about open education that is authored by a single person feels (not necessarily is) a little anachronistic to me. That is, the spirit of open education is collaborative, constructivist, connectivist (whichever approach or nomenclature) you prefer. It all depends on openness and connectivity and indeed that is where it draws its very strength. The rapid assembly and disassembly of affinity groups based on need, want, topic, what have you. This rapid assembly is made possible through openness and in turn promotes collaboration and some significant knowledge production. To then craft research and disseminate that research solely through the prism of one individual just feels a little out of that spirit of that openness." from the source: Michael Sean Gallagher

NOTE: This article is a good synopsis of the process and outcomes of Michael’s participation in a MOOC. He has done a very good job of demonstrating and validating the positive aspects of distance collaboration as well as MOOC infrastructure for open research and education.

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